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margaret anne

Margaret Anne: Child of tHe West Wind

  • Named to the Short List for 2023 Hawthorne Prize
  • Winner of the 2023 Firebird Book Award for Religious Fiction
  • Honorable Mention: 2023 London Book Festival, General Fiction
  • Finalist: 2023 Montaigne Medal
  • Nominated for the 2023 Eric Hoffer Award
  • BookFest Book Awards 2023: 3rd Place - Literary Fiction/Historical
  • Spring 2023 Reader's Choice Book Awards: Finalist - Best Book for Adults
  • eLit Awards 2023: Bronze Medalist - Religious Fiction
  • Winner of the March 2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award: Historical Fiction
  • Maincrest Media Book Award 2023: Literary Fiction
margaret anne

She's the child of the west wind. And with her incredible gifts, danger is never too far away.

As the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and a colored Haitian woman in a time of slavery and great upheaval, Margaret Anne Basseterre's life is anything but easy. From the moment of her birth, she has been coveted by the same dark forces pushing the country toward war. For every moment of despair, an unsuspecting lost soul is given the chance for redemption by helping her to safety.

Through divine will, Margaret Anne and some of those ordained to protect her end up residing on the majestic estate of her father.

As the ethereal girl grows up on the Calhoun plantation and the country farm of her natural mother, the lives of those around her are tested by deep family secrets and the will of wickedness. She is set to prove that her unification of this dangerously illicit and blended family during the societal unrest surrounding the Civil War was ordained from on high. She is their guiding light in this most turbulent storm of the American age.

When it comes time for her to confront the devil who has tainted her family, she'll discover just how powerful the light within her truly is.


Margaret Anne is a bold walk through the many societal and spiritual battles raging during the years that America fought to establish both its identity as a nation and its identity under God.

A deep and poetic read, Margaret Anne is a multi-perspective view that leads into the Redemption Series.

Angel Ascending: Redemption Book I

THE REDEMPTION SERIES: 100 years after Margaret Anne transformed an American family, comes the profound 4-part finale to the Calhoun saga.

Two opposite men on parallel paths are drawn into the preordained reckoning to close out a family saga.

Ronan, a decent and reasonable man, has just begun a steep descent into a mid-life crisis after coming to the somber realization of an impending financial crisis in America. With his life, future, and marriage caught up in his downward spiral, Ronan soon loses faith in the path he’s chosen – and with it, his grasp of hope altogether. Inexplicably, this coincides with dreams of a golden cross, and intuitive whispers of a fated encounter.

A year beyond the depths of his despair and well within the season of his spiritual awakening, Ronan makes a pitch to help restructure the legacy assets of the infamous Calhoun pedigree. On the plane ride back from his initial meeting with the enigmatic board members of the company he hopes will offer him a life-changing assignment, he is seated next to a dark and unsavory man whom he instantly wants to avoid. Over time, Ronan begins to feel a visceral draw to this mysterious man.

Unbeknownst to Ronan, he has been led to this moment for a deeper purpose – where the hand of God will forever entwine him into a family legacy.

In this thought-provoking first book in the Redemption Series, the final player in the legacy of Margaret Anne will be revealed.

Convergence: Redemption Book II

THE REDEMPTION SERIES: 100 years after Margaret Anne transformed an American family, comes the profound 4-part finale to the Calhoun saga.

Sacrifice birthed the unsettled world of Margaret Anne. Now, only surrender can pave the way for closure.Benjamin Mattingly Sonneman, a prisoner and captive to the sins of the past, has been tasked with delivering an ancient and valuable cross to its rightful guardian and heir – his estranged child – in Baltimore. As he prepares for his journey, he learns of the inspirational history behind the artifact, the shadowy lineage that binds cross to child, and receives warnings of the adversities he will confront along the way.Soon after embarking on his quest, time spent with his dubious travel companion begins to unravel the miserable realities of Matthew’s own haunted past and illuminate the mistakes that ensnared him within the unstoppable odyssey of the cross.When Matthew repeatedly ignores reminders regarding the importance of his faith and the traditions of those he represents on his sacred pilgrimage, he must answer to the consequences of his choices.And with every added hurdle to his course, the crushing storm of uncertainty over what truly awaits him in Baltimore relentlessly intensifies, threatening to consume him whole.“Convergence” is the captivating continuation of the Redemption series, uncovering the next intricate layer to the Margaret Anne saga of fate, faith, and reckoning.


reckoning: Redemption Book III

THE REDEMPTION SERIES: 100 years after Margaret Anne transformed an American family, comes the profound 4-part finale to the Calhoun saga. 

Sacrifice birthed the unsettled world of Margaret Anne. Now, only surrender can pave the way for closure. 

As Matthew’s harrowing and highly anticipated journey to deliver the Spanish Cross into the hands of his estranged son reaches its climactic conclusion, the one who has been ordained to fulfill the ancient promise of the often maligned and unjustly persecuted Miss Margaret Anne Basseterre is revealed. 

Reckoning portrays the troubled life of Matthew’s son, David Michaeal Sonneman.  From his tragic and destitute beginnings, which are sparingly revealed in Angel Ascending, the story of David’s life, including the true nature of his trials and tribulations and his sacred mission, is brought into focus in this scintillating and thought provoking third book of the Redemption Series. 

When David ultimately discovers that his earthly salvation from that darkened basement in Baltimore was something far different than what he had always supposed, he is forced to reconsider his lifelong desire to avenge those wrongs that were served upon him, at least those wrongs that he understood as a young child. 

He must decide between his developing faith, which accompanies his hope for a better tomorrow, and those deeply entrenched desires to put an end to those responsible for the worst of his childhood afflictions when the true story of his life is made known to him. 

“Reckoning” is the fascinating continuation of the Redemption series, uncovering the next intricate layer to the Margaret Anne saga of fate, faith, reckoning, and mercy.